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Beautiful Museum Quality Limited edition Signed And Number 59/395  By Internationally  American Artist  Anthony Falbo

Size:  18"x24"
   Excellent Condition

Medium :Fine art paper

 Signed Certificate Of Authenticity
With Purchase


Anthony Falbo’s art has a very noticeable and unique artistic flair that today is recognized and collected throughout the world. With a steady demand internationally the value of owning an authentic Falbo has soared. His Cubestraction series has, and still continues to receive tremendous praise throughout the art community. Falbo’s art can be seen in many of the most esteemed private collections.


Being well known for his works in the Light and Dark, Cubestraction, Genesis, and Impressionist series, is what makes Anthony Falbo recognized as one of the most versatile master painters in the twenty first century.  His works are envied by many but duplicated by no one.


The Cubestraction series is all about color and composition. Working in the cubism style gives Falbo even more freedom to express himself. His goal with each painting within this series is to create a colorful work of art, with a simple composition that portrays different events in life. Dealing with a variety of subjects such as music, religion, sports, animals and people, is what gives Anthony Falbo a chance to take things to the extreme. His fluency of colors in the Cubestraction series is an uncanny way of portraying the truth, and brings a bold array of harmony that seems to vibrate off the canvas.


Falbo’s Light and Dark series combines the rich colors in a surrealistic and spiritual style that suggests to us to look at the light and dark or good and evil in our surroundings of everyday life. As God has used symbolism in his language of expression in parts of the bible, symbolism is also used throughout the series connecting many of his paintings together portraying shocking revelations of future events.  Falbo continues to add to this prolific series when inspired.

Anthony Falbo states that from the very beginning his motivation and drive for his works of Art was, and still is, his strong Christian beliefs. Without them there would be no Falbo Art.

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