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Anthony Falbo, born May 17, 1953 in Flint Michigan, started expressing himself with art at a very young age.  Fascinated with several master painters such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Picasso, Falbo studied and learned from there works of art.

For many years Anthony was blessed making his living by painting portraits.  In 1995 he took his family to Florida where he continued to paint portraits and started his first series of work called The Light And Dark.  The Light And Dark Series was five years in the making.  It was a spiritual way to look at the light and dark or good and evil things in our world.  Most of the original paintings in this series were very large created in a Surrealist Style.  As God has used symbolism in his language of expression, so symbolism is used throughout the series connecting many of the paintings together.

In the year 2000 the Cubestraction Series was born.  Working in the cubestraction style gave Falbo even more freedom to express himself.  Cubestraction meaning flat, but sometimes not, realistic but abstract cubist but cartoonist.  Falbo's goal with each painting within this series is to create a colorful work of art with a simple composition that portrays different events in life with a variety of subjects such as inspirational, music, sports, animals and people.  This style gives Falbo a chance to take things to the extreme.  The Cubestraction series to date is by far the most popular series of work so far.

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